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"Tracy is SPECTACULAR!  I've worked with her and recommended her as a publicist on two major projects and we continue to work together on those projects.  She is a terrific writer,  she crafts our press releases,  she brings ideas to the table, she comes up with excellent media results, she also helped us put together an outstanding party with celebrities and business dignitaries in a very short period of time.  Highly recommended"  - Steve Anthony, Canadian Broadcaster (MuchMusic, CP24, SiriusXM, Virgin Radio, CityTV, and many more)

"You are the best publicist in the WORLD! Thanks so much Tracy Lamourie you went above and beyond to ensure my visit was a wonderful one. In spite of some obstacles you managed to make my first Toronto trip a memorable one. Love you to the moon and back.  - Richard Pryor, Jr  (son of the legendary comedian, author, and a cabaret performer) 

"Since 2016, Tracy has been instrumental in working with me to ensure that the legacy of Rosa Parks is remembered. She has used her many skills as a public relations professional to secure media through several outlets : print, TV, online, radio and podcasting. In this very crowded media marketplace it is important to find a company who can represent you on all levels of media. Tracy has been able to do this and more! Thank you Tracy for always being our biggest champion for me and our cousin, Rosa Parks! - Angela Sadler Williamson, Ph.D., Award Winning FilmMaker "My Life With Rosie' about her cousin, civil rights legend Rosa Parks.

"I have not met many people with as much energy, creativity and initiative as Tracy. She is one of a kind. If you need ideas, PR, to launch a campaign or some one stimulating to discuss strategy with, Tracy is the one. She will make a big difference in Canadian politics, companies and public policy."  - Brian Crombie, Broadcaster, Crombie Capital Partners, former CFO The Ottawa Senators, and former husband of Mississauga mayor and Ontario Liberal leadership hopeful Bonnie Crombie)

"Efficient, fast, intelligent, articulate and easy to work with. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY and you will be too.... My business is in Film, TV and Music. I currently have two major projects in production.  Animation of the late comedian Phil Hartman's Comedy album FLAT TV. View sizzle real  vimeo.com/228248213 . The second is a TV show inspired by Phil Hartman taken from original art by Phil called "Yogi and the Kid".  The social media profiles of these projects require constant attention. Attention I just don't have time for. Tracy is an admin on 17 of my FaceBook pages. She does posts, updates, promotions and keeps it rolling and growing. She writes all my press releases for the last 8 years and coordinates all media inquires for me. She is smart, fast and accurate never missing a beat. Tracy can spot a bullshit artist a mile away. This woman is street smart and knows when to take control. To say the least we have had a long mutually profitable relationship over 8 years.... I will continue to use her services as long as I am able to work. I recommend her fully for any media needs."." - Paul Hartmann, CEO XenoVision/Delete Records, Producer FLAT TV, and the brother of Sat Night Live/The Simpsons' Phil Hartman) 

"Tracy is a very smart, driven PR professional. As the exec producer of a comedy web series, I found Tracy immediately recognized our needs and goals & was instrumental helping us focus our messaging for the initial release announcing launch, though she had a very narrow window of time in which to work. I recommend her for any media-related publicity projects." - Brooks Gray, Co-creator and Exec Producer, CBC TV's The Amazing Gayl Pile Show

"I have a 1.5 million hit comedy webseries & book. Tracy came up with a detailed multi page marketing plan that had ideas I had never seen anywhere else. She does research to know what's available to promote yout in the marketplace & has out of the box ideas that she is willing to implement immediately. We had great results with her suggestions -her creativity and can do attitude make working with her a true joy. I highly recommend Tracy when you need PR and Marketing for an entertainment project or a product in any field." - Lora Cain - talk show host, author, comedian

 "Tracy is an amazing professional. She is lit and got the work done quickly and effectively. Her communication style is amazing and she is really easy to communicate with. I highly recommend her." - Founder, What The Fun Candles

"That is one of the best press releases I have ever seen.  Usually when I get a press release I have to rewrite the whole thing.  Yours was very, very good."  - Steve DeAngelo “the father of the legal cannabis industry, co-founder Harborside; Steep Hill Laboratory, Arcview Group, The Last Prisoner Project, author of The Cannabis Manifesto, and an originator of the wellness approach to understanding cannabis. 

"Working with Tracy was a phenomenal experience. You truly feel like you have a great publicist in your corner advocating for you and working to identify the best opportunities possible. It was so easy to get comfortable communicating with Tracy and diving into the best way to position me. She secured great opportunities fairly quickly and was exactly what and who I needed for this project."  - Trice Kabundi, COO Grey Matters Capital

"Tracy is a rare find. I don't know what coffee she is drinking but I want to invest! She is NON-STOP when it comes to pitching media, connecting with podcast hosts, finding all possible opportunities for media placements. Tracy is self-managed and highly motivated. Her value is incredible." 

-  Mikey Moran, founder of Private Label, one of the fastest growing beauty brands in the United States.

“Tracy is probably one of the most detailed workers that I have worked with. She responded almost immediately. She was able to complete the job to 100% plus 30% more than what I asked for. She goes a mile and a half for her clients. She is super well connected and has a list of media professionals that she works with on a regular basis. I will probably be working with her 3 - 5 times per year. I would hire her full-time if I could, but maybe in the near future. She makes things happen."  - Elandas Miller, Kicking It Sports CEO

Lamourie Media is THE best in the industry. With connections from around the world, Tracy and Dave of Lamourie Media has propelled my career as an indie artist to global markets. They have been instrumental in finding innovative opportunities to get myself more exposure. Extremely professional, timely, and overall an amazing experience for anyone in the industry to get more exposure to their work, I couldn't be any happier! Personally, I enjoy working with people who are morally and ethically just, and Lamourie Media is that and more! Thank you Lamourie Media for all of your help.  - Count Klassy 

Picture the best version of yourself then partner with Tracy Lamourie to make it happen! It's very rare to have a professional who uses a holistic approach to "amplifying one's voice". In less than a year and in a pandemic, you skillfully, genuinely and with great enthusiasm helped navigate our publicity from North America, Africa, Australia and recently Europe. If you're reading this and are ready to share "what you have" with the "world" Lamourie Media will make it happen! - Sibusiso Adefemi, BoluSing's Mother/Manager/Greatest Fan

Dear Tracy, Thank you so much for your amazing interview at our event last night. Your presence, point of view, and passion are truly going to be the talk of the month for the ACPR community. We actually started our conversation in class this morning with a little bit of a brag about you and your amazing insights and successes.  We were all so starstruck by your passion, energy and accomplishments that I’m confident your LinkedIn is about to blow up with messages and connection requests.... Again many thanks to you for your insights and passion at our event."   -
 Ottawa's Algonquin College PR department Public Relations Campaign Coordinator Lesly Quinta

“Tracy is probably one of the most detailed workers that I have worked with. She responded almost immediately. She was able to complete the job to 100% plus 30% more than what I asked for. She goes a mile and a half for her clients. She is super well connected and has a list of media professionals that she works with on a regular basis. I will probably be working with her 3 - 5 times per year. I would hire her full-time if I could, but maybe in the near future. She makes things happen."  - Elandas Miller , Kicking It Sports CEO

"Tracy is an internationally-renowned PR Professional/Brand Mgr. I'm in the start-up phase of building my Personal Brand, and Tracy made me feel like a star! She is professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and kind. Immediately she found media opportunities which fit my brand.

I recommend her highly!!!" - Michael D Teague ​

When I started working with Tracy at Lamourie Media, I had no idea the relationship that was about to unfold would be life changing.  Tracy has worked with precision, with diligence, and with passion to form a public opinion about me and HiBnb.  She is a master of her trade as I am watching article after article unfolding and podcast after interview presenting itself.  I’m a busy person and it’s not easy to connect with me sometimes but Tracy found a way in, and makes it easy to engage.  She’s been patient and supportive.  I am very grateful for the relationship we are building and the opportunities she has snagged and re-framed to build myself, and my business, into receiving not only national, but international recognition.  She clearly LOVES what she does and is great at it.  With public exposure being so crucial to HiBnb’s rollout, Tracy’s expertise and commitment has been a valued contribution to our success. - Elizabeth Becker eb@hibnb.ca 

You are an amazing and talented writer. You really know how to capture someone’s story and tell it well. I EVEN started crying. You are amazing Tracy, You are my rock star" - Kristina Shea, Marketing Expert, Founder, BlueSkyslife

"Tracy is an amazing advocate for underprivileged communities ... Being a disabled, trauma informed advocate myself I am very impressed with her enthusiasm to learn and engage with me regarding my needs. I would highly recommend Tracy for any advocacy needs as she is a strong and intelligent woman working through the toughest of the worlds issues to create a better future for all! "   - Lili Oliver,  Victoria, Australia. 

"This woman’s way with words is MAGICAL! I’ve had a couple pieces about me written up by Tracy and let me tell you, her writing skills are unmatched! She makes the reader excited to learn more after ever sentence. Highly recommend Tracy for all your PR needs.
She’s seen.
She’s heard.
She’s respected.
She’s FABULOUS!!"   - Amy Brown

I'm beginning to wonder whether Tracy Lamourie ever sleeps.  I've emailed her at 1:30 am and she immediately responded.  Tracy brings her passion and knowledge of the cannabis industry and combines it with professional know-how and tireless tenacity.  I am very happy we chose Tracy and Lamourie PR to amplify our message.  She just gets us.  - Natalie Cox, Afro-Cannada Budsistas

"After many media rejections, Tracy rescued me from despair and self doubt. She amplified my voice while serving many other clients;  as well as trying to save those being put on death penalty in the United States,  plus much more. Wow! What an incredible human being! A Shero, I call Tracy my Rockstar Publicist. I am now known as an authority and I have had amazing media exposure worldwide. I have met phenomenal people because of her. My message about mothers having power to change the world is spreading fast , it has gone global.I  have been or Ticker TV, Australia, Make it Happen an Asian Podcast, DSTV Africa will interview me. I was interviewed by Authority Magazine, United States and will be on a Kenyan Podcast. All this in under six months.
Tracy is not only my publicist now, she has become a sister, a friend and coach who knocks sense into me and says "you are" when I roll my eyes as she calls me "worldchanger". She believes in me, in my power and I believe in hers too.  Our desire for social justice and our willingness to do our  small part binds us.  Cheers to you Tracy #My2020Hero" - Francisca Mandeya

"Lamourie PR is a different kind of PR company. it has soul, and honour. Pleased and proud to strongly recommend Tracy for her great work"
- Dakota Lanktree

"If you are going to partner with Tracy Lamourie be prepared to work! I asked for her help getting some influencer reviews and gift bag opportunities for a product line I am representing. Within a week we were so inundated with options as far away as the UK and Asia, that we can barely keep up with demand!" - Daniela for NobleBodyCare.com

"Holy shit!!!!!!! Congrats girl!!!!!!  I love your model of becoming a star by helping raise other people's star! It's the most beautiful way to be successful in this world if you ask me! Glad to have you as a supporter and a mentor of a badass, independent, fearless female entrepreneur." Attorney Ashley Kincaid 

"What sets Tracy Lamourie apart from other PR and marketing communications professionals is the passion she brings to any project, as well as the depth of her talents. Others may excel at one or two of writing skills, work ethic, timely delivery, industry knowledge or media contacts. With Tracy we have found that she hits it out of the park in all these areas, essentially positioning her as your "one-stop-shop" when building your business or your brand. We partnered with Tracey to launch ourselves in a very competitive market  in Ontario. Tracy’s expert guidance, strategic market positioning, and in-depth understanding of our industry, make sure that our debut was a huge success. Engaging Tracy Lamourie Public Relations & Marketing was one of the most successful things we have done to promote our brand to date, and we look forward to continuing to partner with her as we grow."  - Rick Vrecic, owner and founder, True Compassion Toronto  (Cannabis Compassion Club)

"We had Tracy Lamourie host the prestigious Women in Cannabis breakfast at O'Cannabiz 2018, hosting of some of the biggest names of women in the industry.  She also did a fantastic job hosting several of our workshops and speakers throughout the weekend, and we invited her to Grow Up to do the same for us in Niagara Falls later that year . We were very pleased that she was a part of it and hope to work with her again in the future!"  - Danya Dixon, O’Cannabiz

"After working with Tracy Lamourie on several writing and public relations projects, I must reveal that I've had a wonderfully positive experience filled creative interactions that were nothing short of exceptional.  Tracy works under the guise of the highest standards and work ethics and is brilliantly talented to boot.  If you happen to come across an opportunity to work with Tracy, this is one you don't want to miss."  Bernie Furshpan, Furshpan Associates, Manager to Kelly Wright and Richard Pryor Jr, co-owner Metropolitan Room NYC.

"Tracy is our go to media go getter - relentlessly contacts potential media outlets to get our story out there. Expect more interview requests from big name media outlets when you hire her...Tracy can be dropped into any team project and take it to the next level of awesomeness. She works hard at keeping you booked and generating name recognition." - Matt Mernagh, author , Cannabis Smokers Guidebook

"If you are looking for a Public Relations company that can significantly elevate your personal or business profile in a short time, with long-lasting impact, you MUST work with the team at Lamourie PR. Tracy consistently surpasses my expectations and she is constantly surprising me with her insights and knowledge. We are a civility training company so professionalism is crucial and Tracy has never let us down. We started out looking for a bit of help with a press release and now we plan to work with Lamourie PR via monthly retainer because we can't manage without her! Whether it's live media relations, content writing, social media, audio/video supports, event sales, book promotions, Tracy and her team can do it all. Highly recommend Lamourie PR" - Lewena Bayer, Bestselling business author and CEO of Civility Experts Worldwide

"I met this amazing woman, kindred spirit and what this 30 yr+ public relations and government relations consultant considers the best consultant I've come across in decades, one year ago. If I were still practicing, I would consider it an HONOUR and a PRIVILEGE to work with her. I STRONGLY recommend Tracy Lamourie to anyone with promotional, issue, crisis management, media relations or government relations needs. PEOPLE IN NEED OF A TOP NOTCH CONNECTED CONSULTANT, DON'T WAIT ANOTHER SECOND TO CONTACT TRACY LAMOURIE!"  - Denise Byers - Consultant, Author, Publisher

 "Tracy is amazing to work with. She works with very little direction . I give her a theme & feel, she takes care of the rest. What I especially love about Tracy's press releases get you in the feels-it's goes beyond just the 4 Why's. That personal touch guarantees traction on everything she releases. She's passionate -it makes all the difference" - Daniela Siggia, Executive Leader, Educator, Black Ram Media

“The one thing you can tell about Tracey Lamourie is that she is a fantastic publicist because she unconditionally loves what she does. I was recommended to Tracy through a client of mine who I had seen first hand, the growth of getting her name and brand out there. I hired Tracy four months ago and just as one example, she and I put together an industry/media event in less than 6 weeks and hosted it in Burbank California (my companies are based in Toronto Canada). The party was an amazing success with attendees in the film/TV, music, comedy, fashion and financial investment industries. The buzz of the party even reached out to people in Nevada and New York.  Tracy has an insurmountable amount of tenacity. She is a quick study to what your business or project needs and knows exactly how to take it to the next level (or three!) If she doesn’t already have the specific contacts or connections you need, she’ll work around the clock until she does. Ms. Lamourie excels in written content, verbal communication and pep talks!  Bottom line is, if you are as passionate about the brand or project you need getting out there, Tracy will mirror that passion and share it with the world.”
- Karen Wallington, celebrity loctician/stylist and founder of Noggin Oil and Modlocks.

"Thank you Tracy Lamourie for understanding me and my vision and helping my business grow. You are more than a PR person - you are a tenacious Female Entrepreuner!"  - Enjunaya Canton, Zuhuri Beauty

"Tracy Lamourie impressed me with her seemingly limitless and creative ideas about how to publicize my book and my brand--and that was before we formally began working together. I love Tracy's enthusiasm and spirit, as well as her incredible work ethic and authenticity. She got my book listed on three blogs as a "must-read" and I'm also being quoted in a national magazine. She accomplished that during a pandemic, which is no easy feat.  Tracy is responsive, enthusiastic, accessible, and personable. If you're looking for a passionate, hardworking publicist, you can't do better than Tracy Lamourie."  “I checked my stats on Amazon and my sales have TRIPLED! They were great before but now I'm selling hundreds of books a month. I know that's because you got my book placed on three "must-read" blog lists. Thank you so much!”  - Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin, Psy.D., Certified Psychoanalyst, Licensed Psychotherapist LA  Talk Radio Host, Nationally Quoted expert (Good Housekeeping, Psychology Today, Dr Drew Show, Redbook, Beverly Hills Times, etc)

“Tracy Lamourie is the best publicist on the planet. I tell everyone that, because it’s true.  She works hard for me! And for all her clients. I have had a lot of media attention, press, interviews, and have massively expanded my media kit after signing with her. Tracy’s network spans the globe, and she has connections in all areas and helps so many people! I feel lucky that Tracy is in my corner, she’s an incredible publicist, and she has become way more than a friend... Tracy is family, now. Lamourie Public Relations may not be the biggest publicity firm around, but it is certainly the one with the biggest heart and one I will be signed with for the rest of my career.” - Kelly Addison, founder, Kelly’s Green Lounge

I have #worked with #TracyLamourie for the past four years!  Tracy is a #rockstar.  I first came to her when #Cannabis’s #stigma around the globe was still quite #high.  I needed her to help me develop a #Canadian #platform to #disseminate the positive aspects of cannabis especially when it came its help with the #opioid #crisis.  She was able to get me on #news #talkradio across the country, including #SiriusXM.  Over the years, I have also required the #writing of #pressreleases.  Tracy never fails; even when I impose impractical #deadlines.  She is able to turn around press releases within 48 hours if required.  This is the kind of #attention she provides her #clients.  You’ll always feel like a you are a #priority!
On a personal note, it is very difficult to dislike Tracy.  She is a #kind, warm hearted human, who takes an #active role in changing the environment around her for the better.  She stands up for justice and has unwavering values.  Tracy Lamourie is a pleasure to work with.
-Ira Price MD, FRCPC,Emergency Medicine,Practicing in Sports Medicine
Executive Medical Director, Synergy Health Services
Assistant Clinical Professor, McMaster University"

“When I was a little Twinkie I used to read mags like; Seventeen, CosmoGirl, Cosmopolitan and Harper's Bazaar. I remember this like it was yesterday— getting into those juicy articles about anything and everything womanly written by “This expert” and “That expert.” In my room with door closed, thinking “What do you have do to be an expert because I want to be that!” Of, course, I never said anything to anyone because it was my dream, and as long as I didn’t share it no one could kill it. The possibility of actually becoming a expert could live forever in my mind and in my heart. Until, I met Tracy Lamourie my Public Relations Agent, aka “The PR RockStar” started submitting my work on a national level making this dream my reality... Wow! Thank you Tracy for being exactly who and what you say you are!”  Author and etiquette expert Toni Dupree (as seen in Readers Digest. TickerTV Australia, Houston Chronicle, The Chicago Tribune and many more!)

" I feel I have been so fortunate to team up with Tracy Lamourie PR. She has so much passion and drive and a will to get you and your brand, whatever that may be, out there. New to the daunting world of marketing one's self, Tracy opened my mind to see so many possibilities. She listens to what you want and works with you, exploring any possible opportunity to get your name heard.  Not only do I have a book to sell, but when we discussed my long term goal, the one I carried in my mind, if I was fortunate enough to be successful, she made me see that it was something that time and success does not have get in the way of. Within seconds she was rolling out ideas I had never even considered. She has a way of broadening your vision, to see potential in avenues, that I would have never thought to consider. She is a go getter, she is a friend, and she is passionate about her clients. She works around the clock to find ways to promote,  create opportunities, share different platforms, and even form collaborations with others that may to help help grow everyone's ventures.  She explores every angle, something people like me need in the marketing world! Thank you Tracy!!"  - Author Jamie Loreth, J Lyn Addy. The Pink Blanket.

Working with Tracy has been an amazing experience and very happy to be her client. The opportunities and exposure, has afforded me the ability to expand my business and brand and for that I'm truly thankful and would highly recommend Tracy!  -  Nick J. Kyte, Luxury Ottawa real estate agent